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Enhancing the beauty of African gems

Lambo Diamonds (pty) ltd is a Jewellery Design and Manufacturing company created in 2017 by Christian Lambo.

Born and raised in a rural area of Cameroon, Christian grew up with a dream of doing more than what was offered at the time, as a farmer, he spent most of his holiday either harvesting or preparing the soil for the new season. Christian started his University studies as a Biochemist through which he obtained his Degree at the University of Dschang Cameroon. He then moved to South Africa in 2008 November 25th under the generous support of his brother-in-law, where he was Introduced to Jewellery Design and manufacture.

Christian started with the Diamond Cutting and polishing course before moving into Jewellery Design and manufacture at the University of Johannesburg, where he managed to leave his marks through different national competitions.

  • New Talent Awards 2010 Thuthuka Jewellery

  • Overall Winner 2012 Thuthuka jewellery

  • Nominee Plat Africa 2012

  • Semi Finalist 2013 Anglo Gold Ashanti

  • Overall winner 2015 Thuthuka Jewellery

With a passion for Jewellery and youth, Christian became a youth-mentor in South Africa during 2016 and 2017. He then decided to register Lambo Diamonds as a brand in May 2017 after having used different names as his trading name.

Christian Lambo now aspires to build his brand internationally with some of the most prestigious jewellery that carries African history. Lambo is a story teller through the art of gold and diamonds, while improving the value associated with African minerals and developing youth as artists and/or metal-smiths for this wonderful industry.

For more info, visit: 




Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture,

University of Johannesburg,

Bunting Road Campus.


South Africa.


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