Cailin Ernst

Cailin Ernst (maiden name Els) obtained her BA Honours in Design specializing in jewellery design and manufacture from the University of Johannesburg in 2015. Her focus was on contemporary jewellery design and analysing the parody of sentimentally encoded jewellery in a capitalistic society.

Driven by her passion for jewellery manufacture she has participated in many exhibitions as well as designs and manufactures bespoke jewellery pieces for clients since graduating with her B-Tech in Jewellery Design and Manufacture in 2010.

Cailin has been lecturing at the University of Johannesburg’s’ Jewellery Design Department since 2010 in the Jewellery Techniques, Jewellery Design, CAD Design, Jewellery Technology and Gemmology modules. 


Transferring human emotions to a physical object is one of the uniquely special qualities of jewellery. The materials they are made out of adds to that sentiment and therefore their emotional value. I am of the opinion that it is imbedded in human nature to care for and value objects or items of sentiment. These may be based on religious beliefs and traditions which are passed down from generation to generation or simply an item which has been gifted from a loved one or even by oneself. I like to believe that each piece of jewellery I make finds its way to the person it speaks to and was meant for. Every piece created is done so with lots of thought, plenty of care and with the intention of being worn. 



Department of Jewellery Design and Manufacture,

University of Johannesburg,

Bunting Road Campus.


South Africa.


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